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Drawing on the team’s combined expertise, Baja Construction addresses project design and building construction requirements within the budget and schedule parameters, resulting in less potential for project escalation. Our team implements a fast-track approach to start construction before the total design is complete reducing overall schedule. This is important if you require the delivery of a cost-effective, high quality facility.


Our construction team controls and manages construction launch by coordinating on site and ensuring that our clients’ interests are handled professionally and efficiently. By engaging in the early phases of project planning, our team will be involved in every aspect from start to finish. 


Baja construction employs a large staff of journeyman carpenters, construction managers, site superintendents, and construction engineers. Our company has the ability to self perform the majority of projects from base build to tenant improvement. Our staff of skilled professionals will execute each project to completion on time and on budget.


Starting a project off with an appropriate budget, fast and accurate schedule, and a high performing team delivers a great design and high quality documents. We commit to deliver with our design phase partners every time. Value engineering and detailed constructibility reviews to ensure optimum value for each dollar spent without degrading performance quality, reliability, or sustainability. This process allows construction to commence earlier without having to wait for the complete design. Trade contractors can perform certain construction work concurrently with the design of work scheduled to be performed later. 


Typically delivered under a lump-sum contract or cost-plus basis, general contracting is the traditional method of project delivery. Baja construction is familiar with operating under fixed price and bid build contracts. 


Baja Construction possesses excellent relationships within the manufacturing sector. We can provide one-offs design and duplication of furniture, fixtures, equipment, flooring, construction materials, and lighting for the manufacturing of custom made and difficult to source products. We provide overseas and domestic production services. 


Baja Construction’s special project division is responsible for delivering the detailed requirements of tenant improvements for retail, commercial, and residential projects.  From hotels and hospitality, to government offices, our company's dedicated professionals have the experience to meet each project’s unique needs.

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